Dr Puri KF94 Dust Care Mask, Protect from Pollen Allergy, White

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Dr Puri KF94 Korean Respirator Face Mask, White 

Certified by :
- CE: DR Puri KF94 Mask CE certification by FORCE CERTIFICATION. Product type/scope: filtering half mask to protect against COVID-19
- NPPTL Respirator Assessments to Support the COVID-19 Response on Dr Puri Mask: The maximum and minimum filter effiency of Dr Puri kf94 face mask was 99.94% and 99.85% respectively, Measured more than 95% according to CDC . 


- Lightweight for summer/hot weather


- Effectively Protect from Pollen Allergy

- Guard against harmful virus and bacteria, Dr. Puri Face Masks are 100% made of non-woven and latex-free.
- 3D structure fits ergonomically around the contours of your face giving you a comfortable feel and excellent breath-ability while wearing all day.Meltdown filter is applied to block fine dust in order of 0.4 micrometers and quadruple fabric protects the respiratory tract safely.
- Melt blown filter face mask is great for protecting your airways from dust and other allergens to help you breathe easier and stay germ/bacteria/virus free.
- FDA and CE Approved.


- Do not wash and reuse.
- Do not touch a surface of the mask after wearing.

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    Dr. Puri Mask

    Posted by John Zwiers on 6th Feb 2021

    I purchased 5 of these and they are super comfortable to wear. It is the second best fitting for my particular face (LG Airwasher white).

    This mask is super soft and the most comfortable on my skin where is seals on my face. It is also easy to breathe through.

    The only problem that I have with it is that the nose bar isn't quite stiff enough to make a tight seal around my nose.

    Definitely try this one to see if it fits well for you.

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    Good mask

    Posted by JL on 1st Sep 2020

    Very comfortable and soft. Breathable too. It moves a little when taking deep breaths but doesn’t prevent breathability. It’s probably bc this mask is very soft. But it feels nice on the face. Since it’s K94, I think it will protect us well.